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To inspire others and to be inspired.

The Living Free Movement is a movement for anyone looking to connect with community. Join like-minded people as we help support each other to experience freedom in health, lifestyle, lawful processes, clean food and provide education and training courses to live our best most prosperous lives.

The Living Free Movement includes the following "Me" platforms: HealMe, LawfulMe, GrowMe, AcadeMe and SpiritualMe. Your membership to the Living Free Movement is completely customisable.

Access the "Me" platforms that reflect your interests and requirements. Interested in alternative health and healing? then HealMe is the platform for you as it will provide you with access to experts, our comprehensive library and regular live webinars 'From Surviving to Thriving" and "Live Long and Prosper" where you can join our resident health experts and special guests and get your health questions answered in real time. Maybe you want to expand your knowledge of lawful processes or get support and advice with lawful remedy? then LawfulMe is the platform for you. Benefit from thousands of hours of research and curated content in our lawful libraries or get instant advice and support during our regular Lawful Fundamentals and Q&A webinars. Is learning to grow your own produce, start a medicinal garden or live off grid of interest to you? Join GrowMe to join our resident experts during regular live webinars, instructional masterclasses and Q&A's. Perhaps professional or personal development courses are important to you. Join AcadeMe for access to alternative education information and resources, inspirational skills building courses and live specialist webinars with experts.

If you are interested in multiple "Me" platforms, then our "All Platform Pass" is your ticket. Never miss any of our great "Me" content. Access all the "Me" platforms and EVERY future platform and never pay more for your membership.

We are really excited that you have found the Living Free Movement and have made the decision to join our inspirational and like-minded community. We hope the next step in your journey with us brings you joy and freedom.

Tom Barnett and David Armstrong

A place to inspire others and to be inspired.

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