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To inspire others and to be inspired.

The Living Free Movement is a movement for anyone looking to connect with community. Join like-minded people as we help support each other to experience freedom in health, lifestyle, lawful processes, clean food and provide education and training to live and operate in the private.
The Living Free Movement includes the following "Me" platforms: HealMe, LawfulMe, GrowMe, FeedMe and PrivateBusinessMe. HealMe is already an established community platform aimed at providing the latest information on all things health and healing. The launch of The Living Free Movement community platform will see the release of the other "Me" platforms over 2022.
Each "Me" platform will comprise comprehensive information, LIVE Q&A webinars and a wealth of information, resources and training.

This is a worldwide movement to help inspire each other to live our best, free lives.

Tom Barnett and David Armstrong

A place to inspire others and to be inspired.

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