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What Is LawfulMe?

LawfulMe is part of a suite of "Me" Platforms offered under the Living Free Movement.

LawfulMe brings together experts and community in order to share information, resources and advice on lawful processes, your rights, understanding and initiating contracts and living and operating in the private.

By joining LawfulMe you will have access to information, resources and advice, comprehensive "how to" processes, a library of templates, weekly regular live webinars with experts and the chance to connect with like-minded community members.

When you subscribe to the LawfulMe platform you will also receive access to SpiritualMe and FeedMe (coming soon) at no additional cost as we believe having access to clean food and an ongoing connection to spirituality are fundamental in learning to live free. You can also upgrade your plan at anytime to include other "Me" platforms of interest and fully immerse yourself in a range of topics and connect with a wider community to help support your journey to living free.

Membership Inclusions

  • Weekly LIVE webinars with Q&A's covering topics from lawful processes and how to use them to knowing your rights.
  • LIVE Role play sessions to develop skills in holding position, presenting in court, dealing with police and more.
  • Access to an extensive and user friendly library of thousands of hours of research, information, comprehensive resources, example templates, letters and notices, "how to" instructional resources, legal dictionaries, maxims, constitutions and a range of other important lawful remedies, processes and information.
  • Tom Barnett's audio series Empowered communication In Commerce FREE
  • LIVE webinars with special guests and the opportunity for Q&A's with experts.
  • Access to FREE automated templates and processes
  • Access to a library of pre-recorded webinars with Tom, special guests and experts covering a range of topics.
  • Connect with experts, including alternative health practitioners from Australia and around the world.
  • Access to a supportive and like-minded community to help support each other, share content, advice and experiences.

$100 AUD or $77 USD Per Year

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