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AcadeMe is part of a suite of "Me" Platforms offered under the Living Free Movement. AcadeMe brings together experts and community in order to share information, and engage with a like-minded community.

AcadeMe is rich in content, covering alternative education and how to protect kids from education indoctrination, homeschooling resources and personal and professional development courses and live webinars. Free with your AcadeMe membership or All Access Pass membership is access to our OptimiseMe series, a 10 Part series which provides strategies on how to overcome fear, deal with trauma and the value of self-authoring.

AcadeMe's regular webinars include Light on Conspiracies with Ole Demmagard and our But What If series which aims to ask the question What If? and make you think about the Why? This series is all about discernment, critical thinking and challenging the narrative.

AcadeMe programs will be offered online and face to face through our Living Free Retreat in the Byron Hinterland so stay tuned for more information about how AcadeMe will breathe new life into learning new skills and expanding your knowledge.

When you subscribe to the AcadeMe platform you will also receive access to OptimiseMe and SpiritualMe at no additional cost as we believe knowing yourself and having an ongoing connection to spirituality are fundamental in learning to live free. You can also upgrade your plan with the All Platform Pass at anytime to include all the other "Me" platforms and fully immerse yourself in a range of topics and connect with a wider community to help support your journey to living free.

Membership Inclusions

  • Live webinars including our regular But What If Series
  • Light on Conspiracies series with Ole Dammegard
  • Alternative and Homeschooling Resources
  • Hidden Histories with special guests
  • Courses including our OptimiseMe series
  • Professional and Personal Development
  • Tom Barnett's audio series Empowered communication In Commerce FREE
  • Tom Barnett's ebook The Common Sense Guide To Food FREE
  • Access to Living Free Movement App for your phone to stay in contact on the go

$100 AUD or $77 USD Per Year

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